Cake servings


Which cake size I need for my event? As puertorican says, this is the $24,000 question about cakes and everyone seems to have a different answer.

Cakes comes in different sizes and shapes, round, square, hexagonal, all of them produce different number of portions. Sometimes is very difficult to know which one is the appropriate for the numbers of guests expected for the event. 

As a cake decorators, we all need basic cake serving charts when conducting a cake consultation. This will help you look professional and gives you more confidence to conduct business with costumers. 

Always add extra servings because you may end up inviting last minute guests or people may ask for more slices. Figure out before the reception or event how you plan to proceed to avoid running out of cake or having too much left overs.

There is a method professional cake decorators use to cut their creations to ensure neat uniform pieces. I suggested to exclude the top tier in your calculations for servings when making a wedding cake because it is often kept for the first anniversary.

An easy cutting method is as follows:

1. Remove top tier

2. Cut the next tier straight across, approximately two inches in from the outer edge of the cake.

3.Slice the two inches strip into one inch pieces.

4. Continue this process until the cake is completely cut up.

Most of our cakes are made of two layers of cake with a filling between the layers , this is the reason why our cakes are taller. The following table will help you visualize the real size of the cake you need.